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It only takes a few minutes to get started with Makeroid. Watch this video to help you get started.

Why is it so great?


Do you need to make an app for your business or just want to gain money?
Makeroid offers both AdMob and In-App Billing components so that you can monetize your apps.

Push Notifications

Thanks to our amazing developers, we offer a push notifications component powered by OneSignal.
This will allow you to send push notifications to your users even if the app is closed.

Material Design

We have added Material Design theme to all app build with us. If you run Android 5.0+, you will get an app with latest design guidelines from Google.

Much more

We are open to every suggestion you want to add.
If it's possible, we will do it to improve our builder.

Preview An App Made With Makeroid

Just test this simple app to see a small preview of what you can achieve with Makeroid!


We support multiple languages in our builder, and you can contribute to it here

Always Progressing

Our developers are always working on Makeroid, so new features are always included on our amazing and waited releases!


Take a cup of coffee while developing your app, it's so easy, you can even do it in 5 minutes!


We love making this world better, that's why we founded Makeroid. To make things easier and accessible for everyone


The compilation of your apps just takes a few minutes at Makeroid, while through 'conventional' methods it could take much longer


To code your app you just have to join blocks. It's like magic, but it's not ;)

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Read what our users say about Makeroid.

Arda Çebi

I'm impressed with the beautiful Material Design UI. Also the fact that the team listens to their customers is my most favorite fact about Makeroid.

Abdul Maajith

I have always been crazy on technology and making mobile apps. Makeroid helps me to make the most professional apps.

Peter Mathijssen

I am really impressed by the way Makeroid evolves into the most professional of all the available App Inventor clones around.

Carlos Pedroza

Makeroid is merging the ability to create awesome Android apps without writing a single line of code and the ability to make an app in a stunning way.

Jorge VB

The first time I tried Makeroid, I was impressed with the number of components that it had. It’s also very easy to learn, even for most beginners.

Kanishka Chakraborty

Makeroid is hands down the fastest way to make an app, and lets me make production-ready apps directly on my Android tablet.

Domi Rami

With Makeroid it's easier to make my apps for the number of options offered to the development, all very intuitive and you get help from the community.

Maicol Battistini

Makeroid, a free platform to let your ideas become Android apps. Simple, beautiful and powerful.

Rémi Chartier

Makeroid is the best way to make apps with a simple interface and simple code! There are so many components and options, and it has a beautiful Material Design.

If you are unable to use Makeroid, you can check if there's any problem with our servers.